52 Greenbelt Walks: Week 13. Downtown Bridge to Bridge Redux

As this post is being prepared for publication, it appears that flooding will continue along the Boise Greenbelt indefinitely. Looks like we can’t expect a reprieve in April or probably even May. The links below show the current greenbelt closures and include a map. http://parks.cityofboise.org/news/2017/04/boise-greenbelt-closures/

March 29. It was a sweet spring break walk today with my baby, teenage daughter, and mom. We started at the Main Library where we took in a happy baby storytime (every Wednesday morning at 10:30), then hit the trail. We walked one of our usual routes, Ann Morrison to Julia Davis bridge to bridge. The baby slept most of the way, and my teenager petered out and disappeared to the car halfway along. But it was lovely and warm.  Ducks dabbled right by the greenbelt in numerous ‘popup ponds’. And there are ever more signs of spring bursting forth.


Due to unprecedented flooding, the greenbelt may be crumbling in spots, closed in others, and an entire bridge is being torn down for safety. But this particular walk remains a safe, traversable, and enchanting way to enjoy the greenbelt. There was one underpass detour at Capitol Blvd. on the south shore, but there is a street crossing with crosswalk and stoplight at this intersection, making the entire loop simple and safe. You can still enjoy sections of the greenbelt. Just be careful of the water and keep your kids close. (There is a short term closure of the trail near the Cottonwood Grille restaurant just before 9th street and near the end of this walk in order to remove trees affected by the flooding. The trail will reopen after the trees have been removed.)

March Walk #5 Ann Morrison to Julia Davis, Bridge to Bridge.
1.9 miles Front pack. Stroller. Bikes. Restrooms near Ann Morrison playground and at the Julia Davis pavilion are opened year round.

Getting there by car: Park at the Main Public Library. From State Street head south on 9th Street. Turn left at River St. Turn into Main Boise Public Library parking lot on right. 715 South Capitol Blvd.

Trail directions: After a visit to the library for story time or just to browse, head over to the Anne Frank Memorial and enter greenbelt just beyond the memorial. Turn left and follow the north shore of the river under the Oregon Trail Memorial Bridge (Capitol Blvd bridge) and into Julia Davis Park. Cross the river at Friendship Bridge just past the zoo (Look for the giraffes. You can see them above the fence if they’re out). Turn right and continue along the river. At the Capitol Blvd. underpass, continue on along the greenbelt, or if flooded, head up to the road and cross at the pedestrian crosswalk right there. Re-enter the greenbelt on the other side. Pass through the east section of Ann Morrison Park. Turn right onto the Pioneer footbridge before the playground and cross back to the north shore.  Follow the river back, passing under 9th Street, and returning to the Anne Frank Memorial and your car.

Our walk: It was a great day to get both of my daughters outside, spend time with my mom, notice spring bursting out, and feel amazed at the Boise River and the greenbelt trail all over again.


We headed out to the greenbelt via the Anne Frank Memorial.


The ladies. Notice the teenage girl: now you see her…


Flooding has affected everything greenbelt.


At the Oregon Trail Memorial Bridge, a National Historic Landmark. It’s also referred to as the Capitol Blvd. Bridge.


…now you don’t. And…. the teenager is off to the car.


We rejoined the greenbelt after crossing Capitol Blvd.


Wetlands and pop-up pond in Ann Morrison Park. One of the nicest aspects of the Boise River flooding has been the appearance of extra ponds and water channels right near the trail. The ducks follow the water and end up swimming right beside the trail at times.


More pop-up pond. Love hanging with the ducks.


Handrail in Ann Morrison Park. Um, that’s not normal.


Bridge over troubled water. The Ann Morrison Pioneer Bridge back to the north shore.


Sleepy after a busy morning.


Spring is here and it was another great day to enjoy the greenbelt. Love.


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