52 Greenbelt Walks: Week 9 Flooded.

March 1
Well I’m still working on last week’s post, but I wanted to bypass it and post this week’s walk first. I look at this as a sort of trail update and public service announcement because, not too surprising, it’s flooded out there folks. You can still get out there and enjoy the greenbelt to your heart’s content, but you may not be able to walk on all of the routes you were intending.   

March Walk #1
Garden City Library to West Bridge 3.83 Miles
Stroller. Front pack or backpack. Pedestrian only on north river trail, so no bikes if you make the loop.

Getting there by car: From downtown Boise head west on State Street. Turn left on Glenwood Blvd. About ¾ of a mile down Glenwood is Marigold Lane. Turn right and then right again into the Garden City library parking lot. Park on either side of the library.


IMG_1234 (2)

Trail directions: Head west on the greenbelt so the river is on your right. The trail will pass an apartment complex, houses, and several neighborhood access trails along the way. Much of this path is shaded and there are benches along the way to sit and enjoy the river. As you get close to West Bridge, the trail opens up and there is not much shade cover. West Bridge is about 1.25 miles down. Cross the bridge then turn right on the north side and follow the pedestrian path. On this day the trail was closed due to flooding. When it is open, you can follow the trail along the river back to Glenwood Blvd., then turn right to cross over the car/pedestrian bridge and back to the library on the south side.  

Our walk:
It was a great blue sky day and I was happy to get outside and stretch my legs with Jenas. Half of this trail is pedestrian-only, with gravelly and uneven sections, so I decided against the stroller. She’s starting to get pretty big at 10 months, so today we tried out the backpack for the first time. She had ridden in it on her dad’s shoulders, and she is really delighted at being so high up when we’re walking, so we went for it. It was way better on my body than the front carrier considering her size now.


We started at a little parking area for the greenbelt/River Pointe Park, just to the left of library parking. I was able to get her in the backpack and get it on my back by setting her in it and then setting it in the back of the car to get the shoulder straps on. And we were off. It was a beautiful day and the high water made for a different experience.





FLOODED BANKS. We sat on that bench last fall!





After crossing the lovely West Bridge about 1.25 miles down, we turned left onto the pedestrian section. Jenas was getting a bit fussy, so we took a trail break.




When we set out again, we did not get very far before this happened. 


This pedestrian trail is often wet and muddy even in the warmer months, so it was completely to be expected. We oohed and aahed over the breach, and then headed back the way we came.

It was lovely day and fun to try out the backpack. I will write about this trail again when we can complete the entire loop. The Army Corps of Engineers is expected to release Lucky Peak Dam to Boise River Flood levels starting today, so we probably will not be able to do that any time soon.

Don’t let the water stop you from getting out there. In fact, it’s pretty cool to see the changes a little extra water makes along the greenbelt. Just keep everyone close and safe. 

Happy hiking!





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